PCSO Arrests 19-Year Old for Impersonating an Officer

PCSO Arrests 19-Year Old for Impersonating an Officer
PCSO Arrests 19-Year Old for Impersonating an Officer

On June 4th, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office arrested 19-year-old Brennan Ray of San Tan Valley for Impersonating a Peace Officer.

At 1:47 a.m., PCSO received a call from a man who said a black Crown Victoria with a spotlight was following him. The man told deputies that the driver of the Crown Vic put the spotlight on his car when he turned into his neighborhood, near Schnepf and Combs Rd, and he thought he was being followed by a law enforcement officer. When he pulled over and got out of his vehicle to get a closer look at the car following him, the driver of the Crown Vic took off at a high rate of speed. The man told deputies he watched the suspect drive recklessly down the street until he lost sight of the vehicle.

A deputy later spotted the suspect’s vehicle at a nearby gas station. Deputies identified the driver as Brennan Ray. During an interview, Ray admitted to driving the vehicle and following the victim. He also had two juveniles in his car at the time. Those girls told deputies that when Ray drove off erratically, they became scared and kept asking the suspect to let them get out of the car, but Ray refused.

In a search of the vehicle, deputies found handcuffs, handcuff keys, a fixed blade knife and an airsoft gun.

Ray is a former Pinal County Explorer. He started in September 2014 and was kicked out of the program in 2015 for criminal misconduct. PCSO also banned him from conducting any ride alongs with deputies because of questionable behavior.

Ray is also facing charges of kidnapping, misconduct involving weapons, endangerment, reckless driving and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.