CORRECTED: San Tan Valley Starbucks Mistakenly Ups their Sales Tax to 9.45%

CORRECTED: San Tan Valley Starbucks Mistakenly Ups their Sales Tax to 9.45%

Dozens of San Tan Valley Starbucks customers were shocked to learn that their typical Starbucks latte order now costs even more than it has in the past.  Oddly enoug it isn't because Starbucks raised their prices.

Prices went up this week at the San Tan Valley Starbucks when the store started charging its customers the Queen Creek sales tax rate of 9.45%* instead of San Tan Valley's sales tax rate of only 6.7%.

Looking inside the store the community board was also changed to read "Welcome to Queen Creek" and the app now listed the Hunt Hwy location as Queen Creek.

With a current incorporation effort under way, and the Town of Queen Creek voting unanimously to file a lawsuit against the incorporation vote, customers were concerned that they "lost Starbucks too".

"Queen Creek is just taking too much lately," said one Starbucks regular. "I shop in San Tan Valley so my tax dollars build this community. To find out today that I'm buying in San Tan Valley but I'm paying sales tax to Queen Creek, well that doesn't sit too well with me." reached out to Starbucks for comment and spoke with District Manager Tricia Lowder who thanked us for bringing the issue to her attention. "There's been quite a bit of confusion lately regarding our locations in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley and possible tax changes. I'm not sure why our Hunt Hwy location had its address changed to Queen Creek, but that apparently seemed to cause the tax rate confusion. We are working as quickly as we can to get this issue resolved."

The San Tan Valley sales tax rate has been 6.7% for some time. With voters approving a half cent sales tax increase for the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority (PRTA), all transactions in Pinal County, under $10,000, have been increased by .50% giving San Tan Valley a new sales tax rate of 7.2% (effective April 1, 2018).

"Our new store building in Queen Creek, that is also in Pinal County is going to have a sales tax rate of 9.45%", said Lauder. "That's crazy high. I mean that's higher than Scottsdale."

Note: As of noon April 14, 2018, the sales tax rate at the San Tan Valley Starbucks had still not been corrected, however customers were being given a 5% discount to offset the costs, until the corrections are made.

UPDATED: As of April 17, 2018, the San Tan Valley Starbucks has corrected the sales tax rate and is now charging customers the correct amount of 7.2%.

*Businesses located within the Town of Queen Creek boundaries within Maricopa County have an 8.55% sales tax rate.  Businesses located within the Town of Queen Creek boundaries within Pinal County have a 9.45% sales tax rate.