Letter to the Editor: Amazed How Dispassionate a Person from SRP Could Be

Letter to the Editor: Amazed How Dispassionate a Person from SRP Could Be

I had a very disappointing experience on Wednesday. I usually don't pass stuff like this on, but I was actually amazed at how dispassionate a person from SRP could be.

An SRP employee came to the house yesterday and told me he would have to turn off the power for a few minutes. I told him that it might trigger my fire alarms to beep. I also told him that I just recently had major surgery and could not re-set them and that he would have to do it if they went off. Sure enough, when he turned the power off they started to beep. He did come in the house and tried for a couple of minutes to re-set them. When he couldn't do it, he told me it wasn't his problem. I reminded him that he promised to help, because I can only walk a few feet and can't climb on a ladder. He said he had to get his computer out of the sun and would come right back in and help me solve the problem. But he walked out the door and drove off.

He lied to me and left me in my disabled state with two chirping fire alarms and no way to shut them off. I called SRP, they said they would try and get someone out but it could be hours. Keep in mind I am still in a lot of pain, am taking a lot of pain meds and have to keep my feet up so I had to sit on a chair in my living room with the alarms going off. I have trouble concentrating because of the meds and it was driving me batty.

Fortunately, I will able to get some guys from Rural Metro to come by and help me out. They were awesome, They came right over, re-set the alarms and for good measure replaced the batteries so I wouldn't have to deal with that either. They also made sure that they did everything they could to help me so I could stay off my feet. They told me up front they would not leave till everything was working correctly and stayed after everything was re-set for a while to make sure I was OK before they left.

I got to see the best and worst of people over a 2 hour period. But I am still disheartened that any person would lie and leave someone in a situation like that. SRP needs to take a look at their field service folks.